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This book came about thanks to the considerations of my stu- dent Vincenzo Vitillo. Following my lessons, he noticed that what I had been teaching had evident correspondences with his studies on the evolution of mankind. Hence, we decided to share some of the less visible teachings of Nei Qi Gong.

Those who know me are aware that I don’t like talking much, let alone writing, and that I prefer to practice rather than lectur- ing or typing on the computer. So, I delegated to Vincenzo the burden of expressing the concepts of the teachings. Without his commitment it wouldn’t have been possible to complete this book.

This is not a technical manual of Nei Qi Gong.

Nowadays, everyone wants to learn in the quickest and most comfortable way possible. What’s better than staying at home, leafing through a book, trying to imitate the postures of some photographs, or trying to breathe as explained in the text, with the desire and the illusion of discovering the secret technique to become powerful and immortal in five minutes?

Nei Qi Gong can’t be learnt from a book; it must be learnt from a teacher.

Most of the practices in our School, certainly all the most ad- vanced one, are taught orally: from mouth to ear.

This is what the tradition of ancient Schools wants!

I could have explained some static positions, some movements or some kind of breathing techniques, but it wouldn’t have hel- ped much.


Everything that I could have explained in words would have not been correctly usable without the direct contact with the teacher, without being able to see and feel what happens in the teacher’s body while performing the exercise.


Furthermore, many people attend seminars because they are curious to see what happens next, believing that the subsequent exercises are always the most effective ones or that they jealously hide guarded secrets. In this way, in between seminars, one could wonder “why bother putting effort in the practice?”


The real work begins after learning the techniques from the teacher. My growth depends on the daily practice, it does not depend on the seminar with the teacher!


In this book it is therefore more relevant to give an idea of the importance of the study of Nei Qi Gong, not only from an ener- getic or physical point of view, but as a means for understanding reality and as a tool for one’s personal growth.

Nei Qi Gong - English

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